The Philosophy Book

I contributed two chapters to Dorling Kindersley’s magnum opus, The Philosophy Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained.

I was responsible for writing the last two of the six chapters in the book, covering philosophy in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, from Nietzsche to Žižek, and a whole load of other philosophers in between.

Overall, this was a pretty demanding project to get involved in. Boiling down Derrida, for example, into a couple of pages (with flowcharts), without dumbing down Derrida, was a tricky thing to pull off. And it was good to get to grips with some philosophers who I had neglected for far too long, particularly some of the significant figures in analytic philosophy.

The book has been published in multiple languages, from Finnish to Japanese, and from French to Portuguese.

The Philosophy Book
The book can be judged on its summary of the works of Nietzsche – a famously complicated and fanatical thinker whose allegorical works use imagery specific to Frederich himself thus making the thinker a line of study in his own right. Will Buckingham does an heroic job of summarizing the complex line of reasoning in Nietzche’s work and explaining the main points to the readerGlobal Herald