Empty Spaces and Hinges

Welcome to WaywardPhilosophy.com. This is just a quiet little corner of cyberspace where nothing much happens, but which functions as a hub for various kinds of ramblings of a philosophical and semi-philosophical nature. This domain is run by novelist and philosopher Will Buckingham, and is the  empty bit in the middle of various other websites that makes the other parts work. It’s a little like the passage in chapter eleven of the Laozi, which reads: 三十輻,共一轂,當其無,有車之用, or “Thirty spokes together form a wheel; but where there is nothing, there is the cart’s usefulness.”

This, then, is the hub. It’s pretty empty. But it’s the hinge upon which various useful things turn. Branching off from here are various spokes. There’s my personal website willbuckingham.com, there’s my current blog, The Myriad Things, there’s my former blog thinkBuddha.org, there’s my small site on the Tanimbar Islands in Indonesia, tanimbar.org.uk, and there’s my little site about Snorghs, which are very gloomy little creatures.