Goat Music

The tale of the satyr Marsyas and his punishment at the hands of the god Apollo is one of the bloodiest and most brutal of all Greek myths. My fourth novel, Goat Music, plunges the reader into the world of mythological Greece to reimagine this ancient tale. The novel follows the story of Marsyas’s fate, punished by the god Apollo for challenging him in the art of music, and then speculates about what might have happened next.

Published by Roman Books in 2015, Goat Music is a story about gods and goats, headless musicians and singing frogs. It is an adventure that passes through heaven, hell and everywhere in-between. And ultimately, I think, it a tale about the brutality of power, and the subversive potential of art.

“Playful and shocking, disturbing and brilliant.”Jonathan Taylor, author of Melissa and Entertaining Strangers