My Mao-Style Bicycle

A couple of days ago, Rupert Murdoch’s The Times reported on Jeremy Corbyn’s fondness for riding on a Mao-Style Bicycle. If it is not wholly clear what this actually means, then no doubt Xi Jinping will have been able to throw some light on it all, when he got together with Murdoch to chat about journalism and freedom of the press.

Anyway, in the spirit of solidarity with something or other, I thought it was time I bought a bicycle of my own. So I wandered round the corner from where I’m living to find a husband and wife team repairing some bikes, and asked if they knew where I could get hold of a second-hand bike. They pointed at a battered old machine just behind the stall and said I could have that one.

It’s not a thing of beauty, this bicycle. But what do you expect for one hundred kuai? And there’s a strong argument that beauty is a curse when it comes to bicycles. I’m pretty confident that this machine is not going to turn the heads of any bicycle thieves (I’ve watched Beijing Bicycle, and if I remember correctly, that ended badly). So I’m hoping that this is the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship.

Here’s a picture of my new “Super Sport Bike”. You have to admit, for one hundred kuai, it’s not at all bad.


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  1. Miao:
    – my TESCO shop assistant on Angel Row the other day, had to do a complicated transaction for me, gave me long enough to study her name badge. Chinese I believe? Also near enough the German way of transcribing the cat calling.
    May many happy cats cross your path in China, and goats. I am fascinated, just looking from here.

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