The Wee Jing

As I’m interested in posting snippets of Yijing (I Ching)-based arcana, I thought it worth sharing this photograph taken in the men’s room of a nearby café here in Chengdu. Just above the urinal was a quote from the Yijing, which read as follows:


The quote (which I’ve given above in traditional characters, although the sign was in simplified form) comes from the Commentary on the Attached Phrases or the Xici Zhuan 繫辭傳. The text means something like, ‘The gentleman keeps his equipment concealed about his person; he waits until it is timely, and then he makes his move.’

If nothing else, it makes a change from the usual signs in such places, which often read something like ‘向前一小步,文明一大步, or ‘one small step forwards is a big step for civilisation’.

Here’s the picture:


Apologies for the quality of the photo. But I had to kneel down to take this snapshot, and I was anxious lest somebody come in and, seeing my odd behaviour, immediately summon the police…

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